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🚂Choo chooo to Ipoh (Perak Open)

Back to back competitions, back to back joy! Perak Open this year, was a bit different as we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights during the 3-day events. It felt like a mini vacation, staying in our air-conditioned rooms, jalan - jalan with friends, and enjoying movie, arcade, bowling just before the race.

Our athletes were really excited to travel with their teammates to Ipoh via the train (ETS). With no parents around, they released their "true patterns" and had a blast 😏! Overall, the train journey was great because:

  • No traffic jams

  • Accessible toilets

  • Ordering food and drinks onboard with friends

Oh! Check out the ETS menu!

The downside? It was freezing cold on the train!

15 athletes took part in the Perak Open and we celebrated 11 new personal bests achieved during the event. A special shoutout to our girls' 4x100m relay team for securing the bronze medal. Despite sacrificing their returning train ticket after discussions with coaches and parents, they took a gamble to secure a top 3 spot, and it paid off!

Also, thank you parents for staying, supporting the girls and safely sending them back to PJ!

Besides celebrating winning and new PBs, we recognizes that there's always room for improvement. They acknowledge their weaknesses, but it's how they respond that matters most. What they do with their weaknesses after this competition will determine their future path.

Like our motto "It's not a race; it's a journey", we want our athletes to be confident and resilient as they face future challenges on the track. With each race and training session, we hope they learn from both their mistakes and successes, steadily progressing towards their goals in athletics and personal development.

As we will be shifting our focus now to the final stretch: the next 3 months of intense preparation for the MSSD Olahraga. It's time to refine our skills, sharpen our focus, and prepare to give our best performance yet.

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