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30 Personal Bests and 1 Bronze at Selangor Junior Championship 2024

Updated: May 6

The PBers:

Lohshini - Charmaine - Ayra - Hayley Thien - Yong Shyn - Krista - Zoey Ho - Jezlyne - Ler Yin - Li En - Ashley - Veronica - Jia Wen - Zen Yi - Ah Moy - Avinash - Haikal - Nicole - Lok Xin - Wen Jun - Nicholas - Elman

Full results will be shared in our WhatsApp group.

4x100m Winners

P15 (Bronze): Hayley Thien, Hayley Chong, Lohshini, and Ler Yin. They were just 1 second away from breaking our own club record in the U15 category. Let's step up our game and aim for that record this year! Who's up for some ice cream treats from Coach KJ? 🍦😏 Also, congrats to Team B for placing 5th and Team C for placing 8th!

In addition, congratulations to the Confucian boys' team for securing the bronze in the 4x100m relay (L21), consisting of 3 athletes from our club: Johaz, Lawrence, and Chi Hin.

To all our dedicated athletes, your efforts in the competition paid off! Let's not forget the feedback from your coaches and make further progression. For those who participated for the first time this season, congratulations on taking that first step into open athletics competition. May this experience be the start of your growth journey.

On to the next Perak Open!

And and and! All the best and good luck to the athletes who will be competing in MSSWPKL and MSSS Merentas Desa next week!

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