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Why MyVitalab's Vitarepair may be the best recovery supplement for athletes?

Are you someone who is forgetful when it comes to taking supplements? Us too. Why did we forget? Some supplement needs to be taken at a certain time, some before a meal, some with the meal, and some after a meal. Here’s the problem – We don’t usually have our meal at home, especially when we are always out for training and competition. Although we would say to ourselves “Let’s remember to take the supplement when you’re back home from lunch/dinner.” and guess what, that didn’t happen, We forgot about it again.

We may have remembered to take the supplements if they were easy to bring around, but it was impossible as they are packed in different bottles, and putting them in a ziplock packet is kind of too much work. This is where personalised supplements from MyVitalab come in handy! MyVitalab is famous for its convenience-packed “tear and go” daily supplement, just tear a sachet and you can have all the supplements needed at any time and anywhere. It's convenient for athletes, coaches, and anyone who will be travelling all the time for competitions or work.

Each box of the pre-packed supplements has 30 packets of daily supplements.

Feedback from Kawan Athletics Coaches

Coach Kar Jun: As the Head coach of Kawan Athletics, a professional athlete, and a PhD student. I work more than 8 hours a day which involves coaching, travelling, training, and studying. I felt my recovery has gotten slower over the years, training and coaching back to back have really tired me out physically easily compared to my younger years. I've known all along that I needed supplements to replenish my nutrition but didn't know there was a supplement to boost to my recovery until Ms. Nabiha Aimi introduced me to Vitarepair. After taking Vitarepair, I noticed I felt less tired at work, I also felt that my body has a less "heavy" feeling the next morning, and was more prepared for my training. I highly recommend Vitarepair to all everyone out there!

Coach Kah Lin: Speaking from real experience, I'm also one of them who always forgot to take supplements, and eventually, I just stopped taking them because I simply forget their existence. But not anymore with MyVitalab, I have never skipped a day without taking supplements day ever since I started taking their Vitarepair. I’m actually looking forward to taking them now because it is packed in a cute little sachet that has my name on it, so it’s special. To me, it’s like knowing there’s a pack of candy in my bag that I just cannot “forget” to eat. The packaging is also minimal and biodegradable, making it easy to travel and throw.

Coach Elena: MyVitaLab is the best choice for me to pick because I always don’t know which supplement I need to take every day. As we all know that MyVitaLab provides the basic supplement we need to take after we have done the high-intensity workouts. I as a coach also always overlook supplements, vitamins, and boosters when I start my daily workouts. So MyVitaLab with the packaging makes my life easier! It's very easy and convenient to bring it anywhere. There is no more excuse for me for not taking the supplement. This is the sign for all of you to start your MyVitaLab.


Vitarepair is a pre-packed supplement that is specifically designed for athletes and sportspeople. The daily pack contains 3 supplements – Tumercare (Tumeric extract), Royal Jelly, and VitaEPA Double Strength (Omega-3 Fish Oil). These supplements promote consistent training at a higher intensity and lower levels of lactic acid formulation which helped to improve performance and faster recovery times. It helps to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation from any strenuous exercise thereby enhancing performance.

We have gathered some frequently asked questions regarding this supplement (Vitarepair) from coaches, athletes, and parents. Here are a few:-

  1. Who is suitable to take Vitarepair? Is it just for athletes? Vitarepair is suitable for anyone who is aged 16 and above. "Just make sure that you don't have any prior history, or currently having any disease that concerns your kidney or liver. If you do, MyVitalab advise you to refer to your health specialist first." It’s not only for athletes, it’s for everyone because everyone needs recovery.

  2. Are the supplements safe to be consumed? Yes, MyVitalab’s nutritionists, pharmacists, and doctors source the best supplements from around the world. They are Halal certified, MAL approved, plant-based, and their pill packaging is also approved by the United State Food Drug and Administration (FDA).

  3. I’m taking other brands’ supplements like fish oil and evening primrose oil, can I still take MyVitalab’s supplement? Yes. Other brands are suitable to consume with MyVitalab’s, as long as the total dose for each supplement does not exceed the daily intake. If you still have questions, you can always consult the doctor first for further confirmation. MyVitalab also has experts and doctors to answer your questions on their website.

  4. Are there any supplements that can help reduce knee pain or back pain among athletes? Common injury at the knee and back (spine) usually involves muscles, joints, and bones. For this issue, MyVitalab recommends taking supplements that can enhance the “fluidity” of the joints, taking supplements that are packed with anti-inflammatories and that can strengthen the bone. MyVitalab already curated the best supplements for this specific issue in the form of ReadyPack, Vitarepair. Vitarepair contains Turmercare, Royal Jelly and VitaEPA Double Strength which are packed with anti-inflammatories while also giving other amazing benefits. Vitarepair not only aims to speed up recovery, especially after an intense workout session, but also for muscle ache, joint pain, and others. For bone strength, MyVitalab recommends LiCal Complex which contains calcium and magnesium which are very important to building strong, dense bones.

  5. Coaches' concern: My athletes are actively participating in the higher-level competitions, will there be any doping issue for taking MyVitalab’s supplements? From MyVitalab’s research, these are what came up from World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited List: - Erythropoietin (EPO or epoetin alfa) - Anabolic steroids - Stimulants - Human Growth Hormone. - Diuretics. MyVitalab is happy to say that all of its supplements do not contain any of the substances listed above.

  6. How are MyVitalab's supplements different from the traditional way of taking supplements? MyVitalab makes taking supplements easy. You can skip the homework and guesswork when it comes to choosing the right supplements, MyVitalab sources the best supplements for you and pairs them according to your need. Instead of buying bottles packed supplements, MyVitalab packed all your supplements in portable daily packets in a paper box, making it easier to recycle and more environmentally friendly! Besides that, you can also easily bring all your supplements with you for vacation.

  7. Does MyVitalab offer other supplements? I'm interested to look for supplements that can improve my immune system and ance problem. Yes, you can create your MyVitapack at their website according to your needs, you can choose the supplements either yourself or with the help of their experts! There’s plenty of variety of supplements available from immunity, and skincare to digestive health. This means that there is something for everyone, which also makes it a perfect birthday present gift for your loved ones.

  8. Can I get a discount for purchasing these supplements? Yes, you can use our code "KAWANATHLETICS" at their checkout page to enjoy RM10 discount.

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