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Sweat, Struggles, and Success: Camp Stories from Our Athletes

This marked the seventh day after the training camp, and we've noticed a stronger bond forming among the members during training, which is really nice to see. It's amazing how much closer we've grown from the camp. Possibly due to getting scolded by coaches together and conquering the stairs together, the bond gets stronger when we stick through thick and thin together, right? 😏

We've also noticed our introverted members starting to step out and make connections with us. It's exciting to see them talk more and get to know them better.

Apart from the bond between teammates, athletes have also improved their timings from the time trials, showing progress from the training camp. Lastly, we have gathered some feedback from the first-timers about their camp experiences:

Our Introverted Group 6 (TNF) Leader - Li En (15 years old, from SMK Cyberjaya)

Discovery began ever since I have joined this camp. At first I thought it could be just going for an intensive training. But it turned out more interesting than what I was expecting.This camp aids in the development of holistic individuals. It involves physical strength and mental endurances as well. Training at a higher altitude place helps to improve my stamina and endurance. Also, getting out of your comfort zone will makes you realized that actually you can go beyond of your capabilities.

Has anyone ever tried to eat ice cream goyang in the rain? This could be the most forbidden thing I have ever done! What’s more, a charades game can make the whole place look like a zoo. Cooked without parents guidance turned the kitchen into a chaotic situation. This camp is also a good platform for developing leadership qualities. To ensure the success of the team, I’ve to delegate duties to all my team members. Being an introvert person it has been very hard for me to stand out, but this camp has really changed how i was before to become a confident and a braver person. In the end “It’s not a race, it’s a journey”.

Drama MVP - Adiel (16 years old, from Tenby International School)

When i signed up for the cameron camp, I originally only had the training in mind and had very little intent on connecting with others as i've always been more introverted and accustomed to shutting myself off, only letting a select few people into my life. I grew used to having my eyes glued down or onto my phone to deliberately avoid social interaction. However, i began to open up a lot more during the camp and soon found myself being comfortable talking more than usual and being able to connect with those around me to a decent extent. At a certain point, i even began to very subtly seek out interactions with those around me. Having these interactions helped ease the difficulty of training and i even found myself motivating my teammates very frequently throughout the Arabella training. Although I still remain very quiet and introverted, i've become more comfortable with the idea of getting to know people as there are experiences i'd miss out on if i kept myself closed. The camp has definitely given me more than just social growth, but its the aspect that's the most notable for me when considering my previous mindset.

Our Mischievous Yet Helpful Boy - Ramiz (12 years old, from SK Kuen Cheng 2)

helooo coach, how are you? I'm writing this essay to tell you about my first cameron high training camp experience. Well... when I reached cameron high the weather was so cold and I knew that it was going to be a freezing and tiring journey. then when night time reaches, we had to do night activities such as public speaking, drama, musical chairs, ice breaking and more. then on the 4th day, we had to go to the Arabella stairs which people called it shortcut to death and I can see why... Af first when I started the arabella stairs thing, I wasn't feeling any pain and I was so confident in myself until I told myself that this stairs is soo easy but after I finished the stairs, my legs were shaking very hard and I was starting to tear up a bit because it's tiring.(but fun) on the last day, we had the very last morning run (by the way I forgot to tell you that this camp is for 1 week)then after the morning run I went in the dorm and packed my stuffs to go home and eat my very last last breakfast there. lastly, I'm very thankful for this amazing epic journey during the 1 week camp. this camp made me realize my true strength and my weakness. and also I wanna thanks to all the coaches for coaching me especially coach KL on this journey, coach KL trains me, my mentality and all. coach KL cheer me up when I'm down. I hope that there's still a chance for me next year to go again. thank you coaches, I love you coach KL, KJ and Elena. ❤

Our Group 5 "Team Leader" - Clarisse Lim (13 years old, Sunway International School)

I joined Breakthru Cameron Highland Training Camp 2024 organized by Kawan Athletics from 27th May to 2nd June. The purpose of the camp was to prepare us for the upcoming track and field competition season. It was my first time being away from home for so many days, making it an even more exciting and memorable experience for me.

Running at altitude enabled us to adapt to higher-intensity training and improve our running fitness, speed, endurance, and overall performance. However, training at altitude made our training more challenging. We encouraged each other and found a sense of accomplishment after each training session. The most challenging part was waking up for our morning run. I only managed to wake up by myself once, even though I set alarms on two watches! On other mornings, I depended on my roommates to wake me. Oops 😬

The rain and cold weather posed challenges in our training. It tested our mental toughness and resilience. Especially during the morning runs, I was freezing! It was so cold that my hands turned numb and pale. My feet were very cold, too, when I woke up each morning.

The most rewarding achievement was running up the long stairs at Puncak Arabella. Although it was a tough run, I was proud of myself for accomplishing the run. It felt great seeing others supporting each other. When we did the road relays, it was also enjoyable because everybody would be cheering from the sidelines. My team won 3rd place!

We form amazing friendships doing social activities together. Every evening, we did various fun activities such as playing games and performing public speaking and drama plays. I made many new friends and became part of the close-knit community of Kawan Athletics.

I learn a lot from my teammates, and I find myself trying new things beyond my comfort zone. We were divided into teams and assigned housekeeping and meal duties for daily chores. We had to wash everyone’s dishes (which was not fun), but now I can wash dishes extra fast! Yes, they're clean, of course. We had a steamboat dinner for one evening. It was fun cooking with my group, and the food was really good. This sense of community fostered at the camp has made it more memorable in my running journey.

Overall, I had a great enriching experience training alongside other fellow runners in a supportive and challenging environment. Our coaches gave us a lot of feedback on our running form and techniques during the training, which helped me improve. This rewarding experience has become a valuable part of my running journey. A big thank you to Coach Elena, Coach KJ, Coach KL, and my fellow runners for everything!

U12 famous abang - Avinash (15 years old, from SMK USJ 14)

I had an amazing experience at Cameron. Thank you very much to coach Elena , coach KJ and coach KL. Thank you very much for taking care of me and everyone and keeping us safe. I learnt how to be independent and punctual. Even the training was hard i still had a lot of fun and I got to be friends with almost everyone. i also have a “little brother” now. I learnt a lot of new things and i built up a-lot of self confidence throughout the week. my speed and timing have improved by a lot . Overall i really enjoyed the camp and i would really love to join it again . I want to say thank you again to all the coaches for being very nice to me and taking good care of me ☺.


Message from the Coaches

What a journey it has been for the athletes and coaches. Here's a message from the coaches:

We have been through a lot together, haven't we? An 8-hour bus ride, guarding our little ones from a creepy lady, battling with the cat—so much laughter, sweat, and tears. The 7-day camp hasn't been easy, and we are proud that you all made it.

Two things we want you to take away from this camp:

Face your challenges:

Challenges could be as simple as waking up early for training or doing a workout that you don't like because it's tiring and painful. Remember, there's no shortcut to success. You can make a lot of excuses, but success will still not come your way unless you face those challenges head-on.

Don't stop training:

You put in 100% effort during your training at Cameron. Don't let that effort go to waste. Have a schedule and stick to it so that you won't need to "stop" completely for a week or two just because you have exams.

See you again next year, campers!


Upcoming Programs

In response to parents’ request, we are excited to announce a comprehensive CPR & AED Training workshop led by Cert Academy. This 8-hour session is designed to equip you with crucial life-saving skills, including how to call an ambulance, perform CPR, use AED devices, and handle choking emergencies. This invaluable training is suitable for both you and your family, ensuring everyone is prepared in case of an emergency. Don’t miss this important opportunity! Minimum age: 12 years old to understand. We've added lunch, snacks, and certificates for all participants.

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