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A Letter to Mom and Dad: Reflections from the Cameron Highland Training Camp 2024


Our 7D6N camp has finally come to an end. Throughout these 7 days, friendships were made, self-development grew, tears were shed, homesickness hit, and limits were reached. I SURVIVED. I made it through with my teammates when things got hard and now our bond is stronger than ever.

Watch here for a clearer version of the video:

A letter to mom and dad:

Mom and dad, do you know

  • much I miss you all? I learned to be more grateful for having you by my side, not taking you all for granted.

  • ...that I had to queue for the toilet? But that's where we gossiped and played together while waiting for our turn.

  • ...that I had to finish all the food on my plate? But I learned not to waste food and had less space for unhealthy snacks.

  • ...that I had so many things to do: duties, team assignments, individual assignments, and training? I felt so tired but learned how to manage my time.

  • ...that I got bad homesickness and cried wanting to go home so badly? But I chose to stay, and look! I made it through!

  • ...that the bed and toilet weren't clean? But I learned to embrace it.

  • ...that I had to wash everyone's plates? There were about 50 of them, but now I know it takes special skill to wash dishes quickly and ensure they are cleaned properly.

  • ...that I was so stressed being a leader, finding it hard to get my team to work together? But I learned to work under stress and delegate work to the little ones.

  • scared I was before public speaking and just wanted to run away? But I tried, mom. I faced my fear and delivered my speech.

  • ...that it was difficult for me to mix around with new friends from different school and different age groups? But now I have more friends, and I miss them.

  • much nagging we endured from the coaches? But we kept trying, got better, and the nagging from the coaches decreased a lot!

  • ...that we had to get up at 5 AM every day to avoid being late for training? I learned the importance of being on time and not letting my friends and coaches wait for me.

  • ...that we only got 30 minutes of phone time? But I felt more connected to my friends! I also used my creativity for all assignments.

  • ...that I don't have a phone, so I had to learn to set an alarm using a clock? It's so simple!

  • ...that sometimes the food was spicy? But I learned to eat it because we are Malaysian.

  • ...that the training sessions were so intense I felt like giving up? But my friends and coaches cheered me on.

  • ...that sometimes the toilet wasn't properly flushed? But I learned to handle unpleasant tasks and clean up before leaving the bathroom.

  • ...that my leader sometimes didn't do a great job? I learned what I must do to be a better leader.

  • ...that being a leader, I found it hard to get the team members to listen to me? But I learned that I must be kinder to my leader in the future and be a cooperative member.

  • ...that I ran in the rain and a bit of mud? My body is stronger than you think—I didn't get sick at all!

  • ...that it was hard for me to mix around as an introverted person? But I learned to open up and was surprised by the experience of connecting with people.

  • ...that it was difficult to be a team leader because I'm a shy person? But I became much braver and more confident. I don't have to be extroverted to be a leader.

Are you proud of me, Mom and Dad? Though I'll always be your 'little girl' or 'little boy' at heart, I want to thank you for trusting me to spread my wings and allowing me to grow. Your support has helped me gain confidence and feel more prepared for whatever life throws my way.

With all my love,

Forever your girl/boy

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