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Perak Open & Malaysia Open 2022... and a new long-distance & racewalking coach - Elena Goh

February and March are our competition months. April would be our technique tuning month to get prepared for another competition month - May and June.

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Throwback January

10 athletes were awarded training/travel kits that include a water bottle, travel bag, face towel, watch, mask box & hand wash soap sheets for their determination to stay active even during the lockdown back in December. Keep up the good work!


Welcome, Coach Elena!

We are super excited to introduce our new coach, Elena Goh! Coach Elena was the 2017 Sea Game 10KM racewalking gold medalist. She was also a three-time double SUKMA gold medalist in 5KM racewalking and 10km racewalking, winning in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Besides race-walking, Coach Elena also won gold for 5,000 meters run in SIPMA and silver for Merentas Desa MSSM.

Coach Elena will be acting as our long-distance and racewalking coach. She is looking forward to starting working with our club to share the expertise that she has gained in the past 17 years with all our athletes and coaches, helping them achieve their running and racewalking goals. She is also a certified coach under World Athletics.

Other remarkable achievements:

  • Record holder for the race-walking event in age category 15 & 18 in KL

  • World youth 2013, ranking 21st in 5k

  • World race walking - ranking 81st in 20k

Welcome to Coach Elena to our Kawan Family!

If you haven't heard of racewalking before, you should definitely give it a try! There are plenty of reasons why you should try race walking, see below!

Why should you try race-walking?

Long-distance and racewalking training sessions with Coach Elena are now available for all athletes aged 7 - 17 years. These sessions are suitable for all athletes of all abilities who want to improve their general running/walking techniques and stamina.

Arena Subang Jaya

Mon & Wed - from 4PM

Saturday - from 8:30AM


Perak Open - The season opener with a total of 15 personal best!

26th - 27th February

Finally, our first outstation game after 2 years! It was also our first time bringing a big team (18 of us) to compete in another state. To most of our athletes, it's their first time travelling to Ipoh by train and their first time competing in an Open.

Due to covid, this trip was challenging but definitely worth it. There were many PB performances and most of the athletes displayed great sportsmanship. We managed to qualify to 5 finals including 100m, 400m, 4x100m, and 4x400m. 15 personal best and 6 season best were achieved in this open.

Men Open

Women Open

100m Ryan 11.14s (PB) Russell Wong 12.01s (PB) Jun Yan 13.42s (0.09 off from PB) Shao Yang 13.52s (0.02 off from PB) Chin Hin 12.02s (PB) 200m Rusell 24.61s (PB) 400m Yu Heng 58.08s (First ET record) Benjamin 57.46s (0.68 off from PB) Ryan 52.87s / 55.53s (Final - 7th) (PB) Aqil 56.45s (PB) 4x100m Team A 46.39s (New Club Record) Team B 56.13s 4x400m KA 3:48.22s (New Club Record) / 3:52.58s* (Final - 8th) *1st runner and 2nd runner dropped the baton

​100m Pei Yuan 12.74s / 12.76s (Final - 6th) (PB) Sze Xuan 14.57s (First ET record) Ting En 13.94s (First ET record) Renee 15.10s (PB) Jia Vern 14.52s (PB) Yi Xuan 15.66s (PB) Vaissh 15.15s (PB) 200m Ting En 29.29 (First ET record) 4x100m Team A 53.66s / 53.53s (Final - 4th) (New Club Record) Team B 57.90s / 58.52s (Final - 7th) 4x400m KA 5:04.33s (7th) (New Club Record)

Well done to all our athletes! Photos credit to

What they said about Perak Open...

Aqil, 17 years old

Pada minggu lepas saya menyertai kejohanan olahraga yang diadakan di Perak. Ia merupakan pengalaman pertama saya menyertai pertandingan di luar negeri. Saya berasa gembira kerana dapat melihat peningkatan prestasi dalam acara 400m. Saya juga dapat mengenali rakan sepasukan dengan lebih baik sepanjang masa kami berada di sana. Ia merupakan pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan dan saya berharap untuk menyertai pertandingan di luar negeri lagi pada masa akan datang.

Jun Yan, 15 years old (100m & 4x100m)

I'm kinda shocked during the competition. At first, I didn't feel anything (nervous) when I register for 100m, however, I was shocked to see adults running same heat with me and I said to myself "kenapa semua dewasa punya? 😆 experience lah, this was my first cross-state race, and it's my first time joining a competition other than MSSD or sport carnival." This was also my first time seeing so many pro athletes racing, so I'm very happy and nervous as well. Throughout the trip, I was able to know about them (my teammates) and strengthen our relationship. We play, sleep, and eat together. I was very happy to be able to know them more.

Ryan, 19 years old

Thoughts on Perak trip

performance wise - good, able to have sufficient rest before competing. Good experience running with Malaysia's best runners, the accommodations were also good, beds are comfortable and the room is spacious, transport to and from the stadium was convenient, the van was clean and had space. Food eaten there was good. The time management was great, able to have time to get to know my teammates overall trip was enjoyable and great.


Malaysia Open - Yet another two new PB again!

5th - 6th March

It was a back-to-back competition weekend for the senior group. The Malaysia Open provided another great opportunity for our athletes to compete. All of them competed well and two more personal best were achieved this round.

Ting En - 100m 13.92s (SB)

Ryan Wong - 400m 52.91s (0.04s away from Perak PB)

Aqil - 400m 56.25 (PB)

Russell - 100m 11.90s (PB) and Bronze for 4x100m

Congratulations to all!


Kawan Athletics Championship postpone to June

As the Covid-19 cases are rising again, we are postponing our mini championship from 2nd April to somewhere in June. We would be inviting a few athletics clubs, schools, and universities to participate. It's not a "BIG SERIOUS COMPETITION", it's more of a friendly session where athletes make new friends and have healthy competition together.

If you'd like to sponsor this event - monetary or non-monetary, please email us at or Whatsapp us at 017-6836413.

More details would be shared at the end of April. Stay tuned!


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