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MSSD: Prepare your schoolmates for the fight!

Prepare your teammates for MSSD! Who knows? Maybe your school team will get surprise medals. 🏅😍

Are your teammates new to athletics? Are they preparing for MSSD too? This 6-sessions intensive program will help them master the basic running technique guidance which includes setting up, pushing off the starting block, receiving and passing the baton for relays. They will also be briefed on the basic rules and guidelines for their respective events. This program is suitable for beginners from ages 10 to 17.

Events: Sprints & Hurdles | Middle & Long Distance | Racewalking | Jumps |

Through this program you will learn:

  1. Full warm-up routine & running drills

  2. Basic running technique

  3. Rules and race strategies of your respective events

  4. Setting up and pushing off the starting block for sprinter

  5. Middle & long-distance starting technique for non-sprinter

  6. Explain common mistakes during racewalking for race-walker

  7. Four phases of long/triple jumps - Run up, take off, flight & landing for jumpers

  8. Relays practice - rules, receiving & passing the baton

  9. Useful info for pregame day & game day

This program requires a minimum of 3 participants.

Whatsapp Coach KJ 017-6836413 to find out more!

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