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League 1: Under Distance Competition

1. League

We will organise three friendly leagues this year. The first league is Under Distance Competition which will be held next week on the 4th and 11th of March. The other two leagues will take place in April and May.

We are introducing two new systems in these leagues. (1) Tier System: Athletes will compete against others of similar ability, which can create a more competitive and fair environment. (2) Point-scoring system: to determine the winning team instead of individual winners with medals. The point-scoring system motivates individuals to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. Each athlete’s contribution is essential in achieving the final score, which motivates them to support and collaborate with each other.

Take Note: This is a friendly event only. It is not an official event and may be subject to change or delay because of bad weather or the unavailability of the stadium. We will resume our training if the event cannot be carried on.

2. Objective

1.1 To encourage people of all ages and abilities to play sports

1.2 To encourage teamwork and leadership

1.3 To promote healthy competition

1.4 To ensure that all team members get equal opportunities to contribute

1.5 To expose athletes to competitive events

1.6 To identify talent for further development

3. Team - Houses (Everyone can compete and contribute)

All athletes will be assigned to different tiers (tier 1-5) based on their timing in last year's championship or current best performance results. Subsequently, we will use the drawing method to allocate each tier to all houses evenly (Green House, Red House, etc.). Each house will consist of individuals from tier 1-5.

4. Individual events

For individual events, the athlete will compete with athletes in the same tier and score points for their respective houses. One athlete may enter three individual events. 60m hurdles: Each house can only send a maximum of two athletes to take part in the 60m hurdles event.

5. Medley Relay

Athletes from the same house will compete with other houses regardless of tier and score points for their house. Depending on the number of registered participants, a team may send up to 4 teams for the medley relay event (2 boy relay teams & 2 girl relay teams). A relay team must consist of a minimum of two U12 athletes. The House Captain needs to submit the relay forms by 10PM on 10th March 2023.

6. Event Scoring (Everyone can contribute)

At the end of the third league, the points earned by each team are tallied, and the team with the highest total score is declared the winner. The following points will be given out for all positions in all events:

7. Attendance

If you cannot participate on the league day, you can still contribute to your house by requesting a time trial with your coach on the events you registered for in the same week of the league. 0.5 points will be given to athletes who did their time trial outside of league day.

We have three leagues; all registered participants should at least take part in two leagues to share the cash prize with their winning team. In other words, if you did not contribute any point to your house for at least two leagues, you will not be entitled to share the cash prize even if your team wins.

All members must book before coming to this event.

8. Prize

There will not be any medals given during the league. There will only be cash prizes for the winning and second teams at the final league. Prizes are subject to change depending on the overall registered participants. The prizes will be finalized after all participants registered.

9. Guest

Only the registered guests may compete in the league as a guest. Guests will be required to submit their recent PB for the event they want to take part in and can only take part in the non-scoring event - 60m, 150m, 300m, 600m, 1600m racewalking, and 5000m Racewalking in league 1. No medal or points will be given. Only open to 10 slots to guests for each day. The minimum age participation is from age 10.

Members and guests may register here:

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