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KL Bakat 2022 official result & New Club Shirts

This competition was one that we really look forward to because it has different age categories from 8 y/o to 15 y/o where all of our kids' athletics members can participate. Instead of running with athletes that are two or three times their age, they finally had the opportunity to run with someone their age, They were, of course, more motivated and looked forward to qualifying for the semi-final and final. Special thank you to FTKLAA and MSWP for organizing this competition.

This competition is their last warm-up competition before their Majlis Sukan Sekolah Daerah (MSSD), it surely prepared our athletes mentally and physically, they are definitely more confident and ready now. For your information, most districts in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are having their MSSD soon until mid-August. MSSD is a competition where student-athletes represent their school at the district level to compete with other schools in the same district.

How does this competition help the athletes with their MSSD?

Mariya covering her ears as the official fires the starting pistol.

  1. It's a "rehearsal" before their important competition. Through this competition, athletes know what to expect on their important game day. For example, what does the starter gunshot sound like? When to warm up and register? When to rest? What to do when the events are delayed? What to bring to the call room? What does it feel like to run the heat/rain? and etc. These are the things that the athletes have to experience for themselves to find out what is best for them on their future game days.

  2. A fairer selection for all athletes and a platform to perform their abilities. Most schools don't do a selection for MSSD as they do not have enough resources such as time, teachers, or students. Teachers tend to select familiar faces or medal prospects only. As a result, schools overlook the opportunities to groom new talent, and interested students missed out on the opportunity to participate in a fair selection. With this competition, the students could provide timing and video as evidence to the school and if eligible, get selected to represent the school for MSSD. We are delighted to announce that this competition has indeed helped some of our athletes to prove to their schools that they are capable to run and their names have been sent in for consideration. They may not be the best, but everyone should deserve a chance to prove themselves.

  3. Confidence. Knowing their current times and fitness level is going to boost their confidence level. For example, athletes feel good and confident after achieving their personal best and will look forward to breaking their own record at the following competition. On the other hand, athletes who didn't do so well in this competition know what areas they need to improve on and take the necessary steps to polish up before the MSSD.

Check out the official results here.

Download PDF • 255KB
Download • 289KB


Highlights of the competition

We've got a lot of first-timers. Most U12 athletes had their first taste of competing and running their first mixed relay. Eva's first 400m final and probably also the most painful one, she battled her way through the last 80m until she nearly walked to the finishing line. She definitely put up a good fight and that's the spirit we want. This is also Jonas's first athletics competition, came back with a hand-time PB of 12.91s for his 100m. Tristan, a cricket player, saw and used the starting block for the first time but he was super steady, not even nervous. Rania's receiving 1200m gold medal on the podium on behalf of Jing Yi.

Jing Yi receiving medals from Coach KJ

Girls power! Top performers from all three categories are Jing Yi (U10), Rania (U12), and Eva (U15). They had successfully made it to the finals, and Jing Yi bagged two gold medals in the 1200m and 80m. 👦 Boys, we are expecting more from you all next time 😏

Besides that, our club also achieved a total of 30 new personal bests (HT) from U10 & U12 categories and another 15 new personal bests (HT) from U15! Not forgetting some new club records from the mixed relays!

U15 mixed relay

All 4x100m Mixed Relay (U10 to U15) broke all our club's previous records! U15 (Iqbal, Yixuan, Eva, Jonas, & Jia Jian) ran a fantastic race, they finished 5th in the final which was unexpected as their team was ranked 8th. They also receive RM20 each for their great performance. 👏👏

Overall, we are quite happy with our athletes' performance, but not so satisfied with their attitude and behavior. There's still room for improvement for sure, especially on team communication and being a responsible teammate. Hopefully, we will do better next game! Thank you to parents for staying and cheering for the team!


New Club T-Shirts

It's finally here! Sorry for the long wait. We are having an early bird discount at only Rm39 per shirt (Normal price is RM49). We have kids' sizes too! You can place your order now at our online store, and we will deliver the shirts to you during training. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

P/S: Don't worry about the sizes, just place an order and we will bring the suitable size for you to try.

We will wear these for our club photo session somewhere in October too! Let's all wear it together!

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