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Internal Championship - Schedule & Start List

Hi peeps! We are only seven days away from our 3rd championship!

Kawan Athletics Championship (3rd Edition) Date : 4th December 2022 (Sunday)

Time : 7AM - 3PM

Venue : Stadium Uniten, Kajang

In order to ensure the event can run smoothly, there are a few important things to take not. Please read carefully:

  1. Please book a session on the Championship day.

  2. Athlete's dress code: 2022 Blue Kawan Athletics T-shirt. If you don't have one, please wear any Kawan shirt or any blue/white t-shirt.

  3. Coaches will not be there to remind you and guide you with the warm-up. Please help each other.

  4. Podium Etiquette: Winners shall wear appropriate attire to receive their medals on the podium. Flip-flops, short tights, singlets, and vests are discouraged.

  5. Please respect all volunteers, coaches, participants, and all attendees.

  6. Your number bib is very important - please wear them all the time. Lucky draw winners must produce their number bib to claim the lucky draw and cash incentive.

  7. Some events are sponsored by parents, these events are known as premium events. All top 3 winners in premium events will receive a cash incentive. However, any event with fewer than 3 contestants will not receive cash incentives.

  8. Please keep the stadium clean.

  9. All athletes shall stay after the events to fulfill their duties. The faster we finish our duties, the earlier we can leave. Please check your duties and cooperate with your team leaders.

  10. All athletes will receive their certificate at the check-out counter, premium event winners will also receive their cash with their certificate.


Number Bib, Breakfast & Refreshment

Registration starts at 7AM. All athletes will receive their number bib and breakfast at the check-in counter. At 11:00 AM, you can pick up your packed lunch at the food and drink booth. Only the registered (RSVP) parents/family members will receive breakfast and packed lunch.

Call Room & Group Leader (U9, U11, U12, & U15)

All athletes must report themselves at the call room when their group leader calls them for reporting. Please remember your group leader's name.

Age Group

Group Leader Name

U9 & U11

Kwong Zhi Ching

U12 & U15

Wong Wai Pong

U17 and open categories do not have group leaders, please report yourself 15 mins before your event.

Save Mother Earth & Save Father's Money Booth

If you have outgrown your sports shoes or spike shoes, you can bring them to our booth. Let's give them a second chance to someone who can fit them. Make sure your shoes are in clean and good condition. Please note that we are not selling them for you. It's only a booth for athletes to try out and take what they need. You will bring back your items at the end of the event if they are still on the shelf.

Athletes’ Duties

U9, U11, U12 Group Leader (Rania & E-an) - Report to Ting En Duties: Clean all rubbish at the grandstand, seating area, track and field. Strictly not allowed to go on the road/car park. Group leaders will report to Ting En after fulfilling their duties, and she will check all the areas to make sure is clean before sending all U12 to the check-out counter. All U12 will receive their certificate at the check-out counter before they le.

U15 Group Leader (Jayden & Jia Vern) - Report to Yu Heng Duties: Check and make sure all Uniten's equipment is in good condition before putting back to the storeroom. Take a photo of all the equipment to show they are in good condition. Report to coach KJ if any equipment is found broken.

Group leader will report to Yu Heng after fulfilling their duties, and he will check all the equipment are in place before sending all U15 to the check-out counter. All U15 will receive their certificate at the check-out counter before they leave.

U17 Group Leader (Pei Yuan & Chi Hin) - Report to Coach KJ

Keep Kawan Athletics' equipment, tear down booth, tent, and load them onto the cars. Group leaders shall ensure everything is in place, and report to coach KJ once the group fulfilled their duties. All U17 will receive their certificate at the check-out counter before they leave.

Open Group Leader (Ting En & Yu Heng)

Group leaders assign duties to your members -assist juniors and coaches. Walk around to see if anyone need helps and look out for the younger kids. Ting En will check the U12 work and Yu Heng will check the U15 work. All open athlete will receive their certificate at the check-out counter before they leave.

Start List & Schedule

Click below to see the schedule and start list:


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