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Johor Open (27-28 May)

Another milestone was achieved!

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches for achieving this new milestone together as a team, here are some great achievements from the team:

✅ 3 athletes have been shortlisted for Sukma Team (Pei Yuan, Ryan, & Ting En) ✅ 2 gold medals from Coach KJ (200m) and Pei Yuan (100m) ✅ 1 bronze medal from Ryan (100m) ✅ 24 NEW personal best ✅ 30 athletes and 3 coaches participated - Our first largest outstation team

✅ Team was finally big enough that we can travel by bus! ✅ More than three Under 12 (U12) kids participated in this outstation competition ✅ Rania (U12) finished in fifth place in the 100m final

77% of our athletes achieved their personal best in the recent meet at Johor. 71% of 33 competed events have met our target timing. Most of our athletes now have at least two inter-state competitions experience and they are ready to compete in school selection and MSSD.

A unique experience at the Hashtag.Capsule.Hotel

It was a pleasant stay at the Hashtag.Capsule.Hotel. With the comfy bed and adjustable lighting and air-cond, we felt like astronauts in the capsule. The capsule is spacious and outside we have a big living room to hang out and study. The single room is big enough to fit two persons, and three persons can fit in the queen size room. Breakfast, water dispenser & WIFI were provided. The hotel is surrounded by many restaurants and supermarkets, it’s basically like Sri Petaling where you can get food at every corner. There are halal restaurants nearby within 3-5 mins' walking distance. The only downside was the water pressure in the shower gets really low (sometimes no water at all) during busy times.

Race Day After having a few past competition experiences, our older athletes were better at managing their warm-up time. Well done! The weather was hot and the event was slightly delayed on the first day (something beyond our control), but we were glad that almost everyone executed their run smoothly with great timing! 24 new personal best were achieved in this open and exciting run from Rania, Pei Yuan, Ting En, and Ryan. Rania (U12) finished 5th in the 100m, finally breaking the 16-second barrier! Moreover, Ryan was also 0.01 second close to running a sub-11 second in the 100m, superb run from Ryan!

Special Shoutout:

We would like to thank Peter and Joyce for travelling all the way from Kuala Lumpur to support and cheer for our athletes. Thank you for sponsoring our team with healthy snacks and drinks again. You guys have been so supportive and we can't thank you enough.

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