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Highlights from the 84th Singapore Open 2024

The 84th Singapore Open marked another chapter in our journey of international competition, as we joined forces with Erovra Club for the first year. Right from the start, our hosts showered us with warmth and support, making the whole trip an unforgettable experience.

Our athletes brought their A-game to the track, and it showed. Pei Yuan, fresh from her SPM exams after one month, impressed us with her Season Best performance. Her dedication and resilience serve as an inspiration to us, reminding us of the rewards that await those who persevere.

Similarly, Othman's breakthrough in the 400m event, coupled with his effort in the 200m, highlighted the progress and potential of our team. Although he narrowly missed breaking the 52-second barrier, his determination was evident in every stride.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. Qatarina's unfortunate bout of stomach cramps prevented her from making her debut in international competition, a disappointing turn of events for both her and the team. Yet, even in adversity, we're rooting for her to bounce back stronger in the next event.

Beyond the confines of the stadium, our athletes were treated to a post-competition excursion to Sentosa Island. It was a chance for the team to relax and bond, even if Pei Yuan's favorite Sky Luge was sold out.

As we reflect on the highs and lows of the 84th Singapore Open, we're grateful for the support we received and excited for what lies ahead. With each competition, we grow stronger and more determined to reach greater heights. With May just around the corner, we're ready up for more challenges and victories on the track.


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