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Exciting Start of the Year: Season Opener

We kicked off the year with three different competitions all in one weekend —KL Open, SAECA Athletics 2024 & Kuala Selangor Athletics. We brought back 2 golds, 5 bronzes, and loads of personal bests!

Even with a crazy 12-hour wait and unexpected delays, our athletes stuck together like glue, showing their commitment to each other ❤️What started as a delay turned into extra bonding time, making us an even tighter crew!

The medals are just the beginning of the adventure! Our athletes smashed personal bests and came super close to breaking their own PBs! This kind of excitement keeps our team pumped for more action!

Now, let's keep it real. We know we're not perfect. We acknowledge that some athletes were late to their events, and we recognize this as an area for improvement. Being punctual is key, and we want all our athletes to be there on time, ensuring they are mentally prepared and focused. Competitions are not just about the results; they are opportunities to discover strengths and weaknesses, to learn and grow both as athletes and individuals.

And speaking of team spirit, big shoutout to our senior athletes! They took a break from their own events at the KL Open just to cheer on our juniors at UM.

And hey, let's not forget the awesome moments when our young athletes stepped up big time, leading the group warm-ups!

The journey's just getting started for 2024, and we're pumped for what's next! Every race, every training session is a chance for us to grow. As a team, we're ready to take on whatever comes our way and celebrate the victories ahead!

Our Cameron Highland Training registration will be opening soon. Get ready for an exciting training program ahead! Stay tuned for more information on how you can join our Cameron Highlands Training adventure!

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