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4th Kawan Athletics Championship (Photo)

2023's Finale: A Bang with the Kawan Family!

As the year draws to a close, our Kawan family gathers to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship with a championship that feels like home. This year was extra special with a surprise twist — a hearty welcome to the Erovra Club from Singapore! Their enthusiastic 'Yes, we are coming!' brought a friendly rivalry and excitement to our meet, making it a day filled with shared laughter and competitive spirit we'll all remember.

🌟 This Year's Highlights! 🌟

Cross-Training with Erovra Club: Huge shout-out to Coach Peter and Coach Richmond from Erovra Club for steering a fab session with the U12s, brimming with giggles and high spirits! Everyone loved the warm-up and reaction games, especially the aeroplane drill that got us all balancing like pros. And let's not forget the Kawan big boys who took charge of warming up the others.

Farm Fresh Adventure: Post-training, both teams enjoyed a lively tour at Farm Fresh. The day was packed with fun, from sipping on cool Boba drinks to bouncing along on tractor rides. It was a super crowded Saturday, but we made the best of it with a tractor ride — wish it was even bumpier for the extra giggles! Though we only saw a few geese and fish during the ride, the kids loved feeding the other farm animals. Bumpy or not, it was a ride filled with laughter and joy!

League Competition Highlights - A Fierce Race to Victory!: This year's League Competition was intense with athletes across houses vying for top points. Congrats to RED HOUSE for clinching the title with 613 points and kudos to GREEN HOUSE for a close 545.5 points as runners-up. Well done to all for a season of outstanding performances!

Local Pride in Action: Big cheers to the schools that are part of the Kawan Athletics family - SJK(C) Kuen Cheng 1, SJK(C) Salak South, and Wesley Methodist International School. You all didn't just show up; you soared, setting personal bests left and right! It was like watching future champions in the making, each race filling the air with unbeatable energy. Your hard work and dedication have paid off in big ways, and we couldn't be prouder. And a special shout-out to our guests from SMK Taman SEA, who journeyed from Petaling Jaya to join us!

Master Category Takes the Stage: To our Super Moms and Dads, you outdid yourselves! Nearly all of you smashed your personal bests. And a playful nudge to the moms – let's give Super Mom Iffy some friendly competition next time!

Parents Relay – Laughter and Cheers All Around: What a sight! Parents from Singapore and Malaysia teamed up for a relay filled with unexpected turns and joyful tumbles. Despite the chaos and a flying baton or two, every face was beaming at the finish line.


 🎉Event Highlights in Numbers 🎉

  • Dynamic Attendance: 350+ attendees including Kawan Athletics members and guests from clubs and schools.

  • Generous Contributions: Over RM2,500 raised by parents and coaches, funding Gold (RM25), Silver (RM15), and Bronze (RM10) medals for individuals, and RM100, RM60, and RM40 for relay teams. 💰🥇🥈🥉

  • Raising the Bar 🌟🏆: 14 records got broken, clearly showing the amazing improvement and strength of our athletes.


🌟 Honoring Excellence: Best Sportswoman and Sportsman by Category🌟

Best Sportswoman: Fasha Azzahra (U9), Hew Claries (u11), Clarisse Lim Li En (U12), Gayathri Indra A/P A Vairavan (U15), Marie-Adorabelle Pei-Yuan How (U17), Ng Ting En (Open), Fathimath Iffath Mohmed (Master)

Best Sportsman: Muhamad Isqrafil (U9), Tan Hou Ren (U11), Thavasuthan (U12), Wan Othman Johaan Wan Ahmad Muadzam (U15), Shankarshan A/L Nedunchezian (U17), Ng Ming Yew (Open), Thomas Wong Tze Yung (Master)

Congratulations to all for their outstanding performances and for pushing the boundaries of excellence in their respective categories!

🌟 EIN Foundation Scholarship Program 🌟


Big cheers to Lohshini and Sean, the proud recipients of the EIN Foundation Scholarship.

A heartfelt thanks to the EIN Foundation for initiating the Emerging Talent Development Program. Covering training from 2024 to 2026, this sport scholarship program is set to provide comprehensive support, including training fees, workshop coverage, and an annual cash allowance (RM600) for training gear and physiotherapy sessions. The total scholarship is valued at RM11,880.00. Hats off to Lohshini and Sean for securing spots on this exciting journey. This scholarship isn't just about sports; it's about cultivating resilience, dedication, and well-rounded growth.

As we close the curtains on this eventful day, let's not forget those who made it all possible. A heartfelt thanks to our Gold Sponsors – EIN Foundation, Pavilion Pilates, LI MENG Fishery, and our wonderful parents, whose consistent support has been our foundation. To the FTKLAA Officials, volunteers, parents, and our dynamic Emcee – your dedication and effort made this event a smooth success. And to every family that cheered and supported, your presence turned this meet into a heartfelt celebration of community and spirit.


Here's to all the laughter, cheers, and unforgettable moments from our last event of 2023. Together, we ran, cheered, and conquered! Stay tuned for more adventures in 2024 as we continue to chase our dreams on and off the track.


Keep running towards your dreams, Kawan family! More photos here below!

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