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🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Outstanding Performances by Athletes in the Recent Meets

Luar Musim (7-10th February)

The recent Luar Musim meet held on 7-10 February witnessed some remarkable performances by athletes from primary and secondary schools in Kuala Lumpur. The event was held at Stadium Permaisuri. In the 100m, we have Pei Yuan proved to be the fastest in P16 category, clocking an impressive time of 12.20s, and Jia Vern clocked 13.82s, winning the bronze. Besides that, Pei Yuan also secure first place in the Long Jump event with 4.22m and Mia secure third place in the 2000m race-walking event with a time of 13:40.90s.

National Championship (11-12th February)

On the following day, the MAF National Championship was held at Stadium Mini MSN, Bukit Jalil. All top state athletes showcased their skills and determination to compete at the highest level as this competition is the last selection for the SEA Games 2023. Our Head Coach, Kwong Kar Jun, competed in the Men's 400m (5th place) and 200m (Bronze). Although he was in the top 5 in 400m, he still missed out on the opportunity to represent Malaysia in SEA Games for the 4x400m due age factor in the selection process. "I gave all my best and have no regrets. I have proven that determination and discipline will go a long way. Despite not having physical guidance/observation from my coach, I still clocked times that were close to my personal best and still made it to the top 5 in Malaysia. I hope I inspire my athletes and I hope they are proud of me." says the old man, who is secretly crying in his heart...🥲

AIMS 2023 (18th February)

Next, we have 9 athletes took part in AIMS today (18th February) at the Alice Smith International School:

Alice Smith International School:

  1. Eli - 200m (Gold) 400m (Gold) 4x400m (Gold) Triple Jump (Silver) & Shot Put

  2. Renee - 4x400m (Gold) 100m (4th) 200m (4th) 4x100m (4th)

  3. Othman - 100m (Bronze) 400m (Silver)

Help International School

  1. Andrea 100m (Bronze) 200m (Silver)

  2. Benjamin 200m (5th)

The British lnternational School

  1. Kai zhe 100m (Silver) 200m (Silver)

  2. Megan 4x100m (Gold) & 400m

Gardens International School

  1. E-an 4x100m (Gold) High Jump (4th) & 400m

Sunway International School

  1. Clarisse 1500m (8th) 800m (10th)

Well done to all athletes! We look forward to seeing more of their amazing performances in the future.

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