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2022 Training Camp

One Team, One Dream. Finally coming together after two years.

We had organised a 4D3N camp in Petaling Jaya from 30th April to 3rd May for the first time after two years. 15 athletes ages 9 to 20 participated. The objective of this camp was to prepare the athletes for their upcoming competitions after Raya in May and June. Besides that, this camp was intended to create an opportunity for the athletes to bond together and develop a strong team spirit.

Peer Mentoring Program

It’s not just about running, adding leadership roles to the sport. Our older and experienced teammates learned how to become better leaders by acting as mentors to the younger teammates. For instance, Russell, Jia Vern, and Yan Han mentored our U12 athletes (Zen Yi, Zen Xuan, and Xin Ying) in their warm-up routines throughout the training sessions. They did an amazing job and the U12 kids passed their assessment with flying colours. Furthermore, older teammates also guided the younger teammates in doing house chores which really helps the younger ones to be more independent.

Mother’s Day Special

The team was asked to perform some individual, partner, and team tasks throughout the camp including dancing with a partner, hide and seek in the house, group discussion and etc. One special partner task was to talk about your mom/dad. They would talk about what they dislike and like about their mom/dad, then what they are thankful for their mom/dad. And las,tly record a short message video. With these videos, we created 15 videos and emailed them to all the mummy/daddy individually on Mother’s Day. So, mummy/daddy, if you have not received the video in your email, please check your junk mail. 😊

Annual Outing – Jumpstreet!

It’s not all about training only - a well-spent 2 hours at Jumpstreet together with the team! We all learned cool stunts including front flips! It’s a shame that none of us can do backflip yet. Oh yeah, we also have a Dodgeball Queen in the house – Renee Leong!

Check out our camp photos on our FB here.

This camp was a short but definitely memorable one. Of course, not every moment of the camp was all fun and smooth, there were a lot of things we still need to improve on in order to become a better athlete, a better teammate, and a better person. We often overlook or intentionally overlook simple things like communicating, time managing, problem-solving and etc. We are always so comfortable in our own world that we simply just ignore the “wrongdoings or trouble” happening in front of us, and just wait for someone else to notice it and do it. Hope we all do better next time! Check out our video here!

Special shout out to Peter & Joyce for sponsoring our athletes healthy breakfast and supper! We are so grateful to have supportive parents like you all!

What did they say about the camp?

Renee – 17 years old

During the 4 days 3 nights training camp, I have managed to build a closer relationship between my teammates. I find doing chores and team building activities especially helpful when it comes to improving my communication skills with them. In my opinion, it made us more organised and feel responsible for each other.

As for training during these few days, I find the workouts extremely effective as they help to improve my strength and form for running, as well as learning what I could do while having an injury for my recovery phase. In the future, I would love to participate in camps like this, as I believe I still have more to learn from my coaches and peers.

Tan Yu Heng – 18 years old


Ng Ting En (Captain) – 19 years old

This is my second camp with Kawan athletics. During this 4days3nights we went through many activities such as playing games and completing tasks. We also learned to be more disciplined and known to manage our time wisely. Teamworks is also important when we were thinking about our cheer song and doing our house chores. The training was OK but the hot sun made me tanned 🤣. The food was delicious and enough. We also slept well in the accommodation. Although it was tiring in this training camp, but overall is awesome. Looking forward to the next camp 😆.

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