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Racing Towards the Future: Highlights from Our First Quarter Events

Time flies by so quickly, we are now welcoming the second quarter of 2023. As we look forward to upcoming competitions and training camps, we want to take a moment to highlight some important events that happened in March.

Racewalking Camp 1.0

With the support of the Race Walkers’ Association of Malaysia and Milo, we hosted our very first race-walking camp on 9-10th March. Under the guidance of our coach, Elena Goh, the camp provided valuable lessons on proper technique and common mistakes in race-walking. In addition to the training, we also organized several team games and activities to keep things lively and engaging. These included team discussions, directing a Milo advertisement, and a relay race. We are organizing the next race-walking camp in September.

Watch the race-walking camp and their creative Milo advertisement

KL Open

We took part in KL open on 18th & 19th March, which was the first open competition in 2023 for the athletes. We saw some fantastic performances from new athletes and congratulations to De Hui, Ashley Tan, and 4x100 Team A (Men & Women) for breaking Kawan Athletics records in their respective events.

We would also like to thank Ms. Ning, the sport psychologist, who conducted a Zoom session for our athletes and shared crucial insights on the advantages of imagery exercises prior to competitions, as well as valuable advice on goal-setting.

League 1: Under Distance

League 1 took place in mid-March, featuring various events such as 60m, 60m hurdles, 150m, 300m, 600m, 1600m racewalking, 5000 racewalking, and medley relay. This competition was open to all members of the club and invited guests to take part. We are glad to see the athletes put up a strong fight against athletes from the same tier and contributed points to their respective houses. A few athletes will be promoted to a higher tier for their outstanding performance.

View more photos here.

Current house standing after League 1:

We are excited to announce that the grand prize for the league will be:

We hope this prize will motivate you even further to push yourselves to your limits. Who knows, coaches may add in more prizes if they are satisfied with your performance and group performance. We still have League 2 and 3, so keep pushing, you're not done yet! League 2 will take place on 20th May, more info will be released soon.

Important dates for the new quarter (April - June)

April 25-28 Singapore Open

April 28-30 Perak Open

May 20 - League 2

May 27-28 KL Open

May 27-June 2 Cameron Highland Training

Mid June - Sprint Clinic

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