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Athletes Share Their Camp Experiences (Camp Video)

Updated: Mar 6

Hear directly from the athletes themselves as they share their thoughts and experiences about the centralised training camp at Cameron Highland. Read on to see how this journey impacted their skills, mindset, and overall growth.

"Going for the Cameron Highlands Training Camp with the Kawan Athletics family taught me valuable lessons such as confidence, working together in a team and the importance of balancing my time. I’d like to thank Coach KJ, Coach KL and Coach Elena as well as my fellow athletes for the great training sessions which I’m sure will boost my running performance in MSSD and beyond. The fun activities throughout the camp such as public speaking and performance night were beneficial to my development as well. Overall, I think the camp ran smoothly and safely. It was a truly magical journey. Thank you Kawan Athletics!" - Amir (15 y/o)

“我觉得这次的training很好,很多东西都是我没有学过的 尤其是拿weight时候才发现自己是那么瘦,没有力。 然后这个camp 让我认识了更多朋友从认的 1-3个朋友变认识了20多个朋友 所以我觉得这次的camp 不止提升了我自己跑步能力,还可以让我认识更多朋友。” - Johaz (15 y/o)

"Pada pendapat saya, latihan itu sangat meletihkan tetapi kami tetap berasa gembira dan seronok. Kami telah menimba ilmu pengetahuan dan pengalaman baru sebagai seorang atlet dan sebagai satu pasukan sepanjang tempoh kem. Saya juga dapat meluangkan masa dengan atlet-atlet lain dan saya dapat memahami rakan-rakan saya dengan lebih mendalam. Saya juga dapat mencapai "Personal Best" saya dan juga telah meningkatkan staminah saya sejak latihan senaman. Saya berasa sangat seronok semasa Latihan Cameron Highlands. Terima kasih kepada semua jurulatih untuk segala-galanya." - Qatarina (14 y/o)

"Cameron Highland centralized training helped me improve my stamina, my lung capacity in just this 1 week. Moreover, I have made new friends in this training, eg. Hayley, Aqil, Amir, Qatrina, Loshini and many more. Also, I have realized my potential in middle-long distance as my stamina is much more than most of more training partners. Cameron Highland training help me push myself to break my limit which I would have never to achieve on my on. Lastly, Cameron Highland really made me question my leaderships, as I was able to create both drama and club song by my own and helping my teammates act it out no matter how torturous it was, we were still able to tie with Yan Han's group which is first place, when we were at the last place on Thursday. Overall, Cameron highland definitely had some wholesome and memorable moments. I hope I will be able to join this camp another time with Kawan Athletics." - Jun Han (14 y/o)

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