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KA Scholarship

KA Scholarship is designed to encourage and support highly committed athletes to achieve their athletics goals by reducing training fees. The Scholarship awarded is in the form of training fee deduction; it's not a cash award. Under the condition that the recipient maintains attendance requirements and conducts fitting of a model of Kawan Athletics athletes, scholarships remain valid for up to seven months.

The tenure of the Scholarship is seven months. The Scholarship is limited to four athletes only.

Key considerations: high commitment to training, proven teamwork capabilities & leadership qualities.

U12 Category: Only limited to athletes who have passed the Kids Athletics A assessments.

Eligibility and minimum requirements:

The applicant:

  1. is a Kawan Athletics member;

  2. has been actively training for 3 months continuously before the date of application;

  3. has shown average to good performance in 2022 at Kawan Athletics/school sports day/MSSD/MSSS/

  4. has shown a high commitment at training;

  5. has proven good teamwork capabilities & leadership qualities; and

  6. must be of good character and conduct.

  • 1 February 2023: Application opens

  • 20 February 2023: Application closes at 8PM

  • 27 February 2023: Scholarship interview for U15, U17 & Open category applicants 

  • March 2023: Notification of successful applicants via WhatsApp to athletes and parents

  • March 2023: Scholarship meeting

Other information

Athletes awarded with this scholarship are expected to maintain a minimum of 80% training attendance in a month (at least 5 sessions for U12 and 6 sessions for U15, U17, & Open category), serve as role models for other athletes, and complete all tasks assigned to them. Scholarship may be terminated at any time in the event of misconduct or failure to meet the minimum attendance threshold. 

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