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Two biggest athletic competitions in Malaysia are happening soon!


Counting down the days until two major events for the athletics game in Malaysia - 11 days to Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) and 16 days to Majlis Sekolah Sukan Malaysia (MSSM). Both competitions will be held at the National Bukit Jalil Stadium! Parents and athletes, this is a precious opportunity to understand your child’s/your sport better. Let’s watch all the top athletes from all over Malaysia perform here.

For your information, SUKMA is the biggest athletic competition in Malaysia. The SUKMA Games (Sukan Malaysia) is a biennial national multi-sport event involving young athletes (Under 21 - only one age category) from Malaysian 13 member states and the Federal territory. While MSSM ( is under the Malaysian Ministry of Education to improve the quality of sports in schools through the organization of sports competitions and development programs. The MSSM Level Tournament is only open to Malaysian students under the age of 18, with a few age categories, such as U12, U15, and U18.

We proudly announced we have four athletes representing KL in the SUKMA and six athletes representing KL and Selangor in the MSSM.

SUKMA and MSSM schedule

  • SUKMA (15-18 Sept)

Download PDF • 283KB

  • MSSM (20-24 Sept)

Stay tuned for further updates in our Whatsapp group on the dates and times to support our Kawan together at the stadium.


Here’s little update on the MSSD, MSSS and MSSWPKL


This year’s MSSD was the best one we ever had. Three years ago, we only had less than 10 athletes representing their school in MSSD. Most of them were new and weren't able to even make it to the final. But this year, we had 30 athletes take part in MSSD, 21 of them qualified for MSSS or MSSWP. And 6 out of these 21 athletes successfully qualified to represent their state at MSSM, which will be held this month. Another milestone checked ✔️ for Kawan Athletics. We are very proud of their achievements, and congratulations to all athletes.

Special shout out to these athletes – Vaissh, Renee, and Iqbal. It’s really great to see them transforming from non-runners to where they are today. Thank you for believing in yourself and didn’t give up when times were tough. Thank you for sticking with us.

MSSD Petaling Utama

We had 5 athletes taking part in MSSD PU - Aqil, Yixuan, Samuel, Zen Ying, Jun Han. Only Aqil (silver in both 400m & 800m) and Yi Xuan (Silver in 100m) successfully qualified for MSSS.

  • P15 : Yi Xuan 100m (2nd) Long Jump (6th)

  • L18 : Aqil 400m and 800m (2nd)

  • L15 : Jun Han 110m Hurdle (5th)

MSSD Zon Pudu

Sze Xuan, Chi Hin, Erlbin, Jason, Rhys, Jia Vern, and Johaz took part in the Zon Pudu. Rhys took up Coach KJ's challenge to pick up 10,000m race walking event. And under the guidance from coach Elena, he bagged the GOLD medal in the race-walking event! He was also our one and only boy that won a gold medal. Amazing!

U17 Category: Sze Xuan swept all three individual events gold medals in 100m, 100m hurdle, and 400m hurdle, while Chi Hin won a silver medal in the 100m and placed 6th in the 200m final.

U15 Category: Jia Vern finished first in both 100m and 200m and it was a neck and neck race with her schoolmate. Phew! What a race! Johaz finished 4th in the 200m final and Jason finished 8th in the triple jump.

While some athletes didn’t achieve their ideal result, we hope they embrace their failure and keep working hard. Updates of MSSD Hulu Langat, Petaling Perdana and Zon Bangsar can be found on our Instagram.


Some of them finally got their first taste of centralized training for their inter-district competition and running in MSSS/MSSWP. We hope this will serve as an eye-opener experience for all our athletes to prepare themselves better for next year if they want to advance to represent the state to MSSM or higher level competition.

MSS Selangor

P12 : Jing Yi 1200m (10th)

L12 : De Hui 1200m (3rd)

P15 : Eva 100m (6th), 200m (6th), 400m (8th) | Andrea 100m (5th), 200m (7th), 400m (4th) | Vaissh 400m (5th)

P18 : Shermaine 100m, 200m (1st), 400m (2nd) | Jolynne 400m (4th)

L18 : Aqil 800m (5th)


P15 : Jia Vern 100m (3rd), 200m (4th) | Mia Lee 3,000m race walk (8th)

L15 : Othman 200m (4th)

P18 : Pei Yuan 100m, 200m (1st) | Elizabeth 100m (3rd), 200m (2nd), 400m (2nd) | Sze Xuan 100m (4th), 100m hurdle (2nd), 400m hurdle (4th)

L18 : Chi Hin 100m (6th) | Rhys Goh 10,000m race walk (6th

Nothing comes easy. Some athletes are gifted with talent, and some are not, but either way, you should still train consistently and always be ready for the next challenge. We hope you will set a goal now and start preparing now for next year. There’s no free lunch in the world so don’t expect instant results by putting effort only at the last minute. Let's work hard together! Once again, we would like to congratulate all the athletes and thank you for making our journey awesome.

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