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Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia (MSSM) Track and Field Season Comes to an Exciting Finish!

What an amazing season for our Kawan athletes! They've just completed the MSSM, and we couldn't be prouder of all their achievements. Our fantastic pair, Zoey and Othman, led their teams to victory, clinching two gold medals in the relay events. A huge shoutout to all of them—amazing work, everyone!

Let's not forget the wonderful contributions from Pei Yuan, Jia Vern, and Sufi Qatarina. Your dedication was key in ensuring your teams left their mark in the relay finals. You've all made us proud!

Here's a quick recap of our standout performances:

P12 category:

1. Zoey: 100m 13.67s (5th), 4x100m (DQ) and 4x200m 1:51.88s (GOLD).

P15 category:

1. Sufi Qatarina: 4x400m 4:14.35s (4th).

L15 category:

1. Wan Othman: 200m 23.63s (10th), 400m 53.61s (7th), and 4x400m 3:30.43s (GOLD).

P18 category:

1. Pei Yuan: 100m 12.94s (9th), 200m 27.15s (14th), Long Jump 3.97m (16th), 4x100m 51.51s (8th), and 4x400m 4:26.18 (7th).

2. Jia Vern: 4x100m 51.51s (8th).

While we experienced our share of ups and downs, this season has been an incredible journey. Remember, setbacks only make us stronger. Let's use this break to recharge and refocus for the next season!

And you know what's coming up next? We have one final big race to look forward to this month! Tan's Siblings (Ashley & Angelyn) will be taking part in the MSSM Cross Country in just one week! Let's all send them our best wishes!!!

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