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Year End Outing - Let's go camping!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

FINALLY, our year end outing is happening next month! To celebrate our hard work and achievements this year, we invite you to our 3D2N camping at Kampung Bukit Tinggi on 11th to 13th December at a super good price - only RM220 (first 8 early bird only) and RM250 (regular).

DOUBLE Good news: Transportation and meals are all included! AND 12/12/2022 is also a Selangor public holiday!

Away from the cities and phone, walking barefoot on the grass, the crackling sound from campfire and the chatter & laughter of friends, sleeping in a tent with your friends under the starry night sky, waking up to the smell of wet grass…and the smell of omelette, wrapping your hands around a cup of hot Milo, blowing hot air out from your mouth to see if you can see “smoke”, and and and the crazily cold shower water....

Come on, let's go relax together!

What's included?

What to expect?

  • Cooling weather (21°C to 25°C in the day, temperature may drop to 15°C or lower during the night)

  • Sunshine, light rain, starry night view

  • Mosquitoes

  • Cold shower (No heater)

  • A lot of outdoor physical activities

  • 4 people share a tent

  • Set up tent and take down tent


11/12/2022 (SUNDAY)

1PM Meet at Bukit Jalil - 2PM arrive destination & set up tent - 3PM Outdoor activities

6:30PM Dinner - 8PM Camp fire & night activities

12/12/2022 (MONDAY)

7AM - Self-prepared breakfast - 8AM Training/Hiking - 9AM Breakfast at the peak - 10:30AM Shower - 11:30AM Lunch - 3PM Tea time - 3:30PM River activity - 5:30PM Mandi at Sungai - 6PM Hand wash clothes & hang clothes - 6:30PM BIG dinner - 8PM Jungle Walk - 9PM - Exchange gift night

13/12/2022 (TUESDAY)

Simple breakfast - Morning activity - Take down & clean up tent - Lunch - 2PM/3PM Check out

What to bring?

  • Sleeping bag

  • Small stool / camping chair

  • Cup & plate (please don't bring paper cup & plate)

  • Fork and spoon

  • Raincoat

  • Slipper

  • Shoes for training & hiking

  • Toiletries

Important note:

  1. The registration is now open to all Kawan's athletes until 19/11/2022 and will open to athletes' family members to register IF there's still empty slots on 20/11/2022.

  2. Payment shall be made to Kawan Athletics CIMB 8010 259 249

  3. Only Kawan athletes will join the team building activities. Parents & family members will do their own activities.

  4. Register now by writing your name in the Student WhatsApp group.

  5. Open for kids aged 9 and above only.

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