Running Workshop Level 1 (Amatuer)

Everything you need to know about running: A comprehensive 3 hours workshop on the basic knowledge of running and information on different levels of athletics competitions in Malaysia.  

Learn the basic components of running technique and move well for life! In this workshop you will be guided through the whole session from warm-up, running drills until the end of cool down session. 

We will not be doing lots of running, but will focus more on how to carry out a whole session which include proper warm-up stretches & exercises as well as running drills. No matter what condition you’re in, have no fear, we will spend time alternating between demonstrations, fun exercises, and technique drills plus the nature of the series will be relaxed, full, and inspiring.

Objective of the workshop:

  • Be introduced to the sport - events and competitions 

  • Understand the importance of safe training environment and the flow of a training session

  • Be able to carry out efficient and the appropriate warm up --> drills --> workout program --> cool down

  • Master a few running drills

  • Understand recovery and injury prevention

What you will get from this course:​

  • PDF print note 

  • 3 days running program

  • Kawan Athletics Air Mask (worth RM12.99)

  • Certificate of participation

What you'll learn upon completion of this workshop:

  1. Art of running                             

  2. Simple warm-up protocols         

  3. 5 Runner drills                            

  4. Knowledge sharing from experience runner 

  5. 3 days runner program

  6. Cool-down session

  7. Prevention of injury and recovery

Who should attend:

  1. Parents

  2. School teachers/coaches

  3.  Athletes

  4. Students

  5. Anyone who is new to running

On the day of the workshop

Bring a pen and wear sport attire that allow you to perform light exercise. Please wear sport shoes.

Number of participant

Minumum 4 and maximum 8 persons.

*The management reserves the right to cancel any group sessions if the minimum number of participants is less than 4 or due to bad weather.


Student (below 18) - RM50

Adult - RM75