Running Workshop Level 2 (Intermediate)

This 6 hours workshop is the next progression from Level 1 and further develops the understanding of fundamentals of running that includes running technique, performance analysis & evaluation, and program planning.​

In this workshop you will be guided through the whole session from a classroom learning to dynamic warm-up and running drills with proper technique demonstration. This workshop also teaches you how to design sessions planning and design simple training programs before and after a competition. It also covers timeline planning and performance analysis. 

 ​Objective of the workshop:

  • Discover the effective technique that improve your running

  • Understand the importance timeline planning and intensity of training programs

  • Be able to plan and evaluate a training session/performance and make adjustments for subsequent sessions

  • Be able to plan for competition and target settin

  • Learn different methods of warming up

What you will get from this course:​

  • PDF print note 

  • 1 month running program (worth RM130)

  • Kawan Athletics Air Mask (worth RM12.99)

  • Certificate of participation

What you'll learn upon completion of this workshop:

  1. Effective Running Technique - Correct posture, reducing impact, and relaxing in the right place.

  2. Different methods of warm up   

  3.  Conditioning                

  4. 12 runner drills   

  5.  Performance analysis and evaluation

  6.  Planning of activities & programs

  7.  Timeline planning

  8. Knowledge sharing from experience runner 

Who should attend:

  1. Parents

  2. School teachers/coaches

  3.  Athletes

  4. Students

  5. Anyone who is interested in running and looking to expand their knowledge

On the day of the workshop

Bring a pen and wear sport attire that allow you to perform light exercise. Please wear sport shoes.

Number of participant

Minumum 4 and maximum 8 persons.

*The management reserves the right to cancel any group sessions if the minimum number of participants is less than 4 or due to bad weather.


Student (below 18) - RM100

Adult - RM130

Entry Requirements

Running Workshop Level 1 (Amatuer)