More Than Just A Sports Club

We are a fun and friendly club that welcome runners of all abilities, from serious athlete to those who want to keep fit and healthy. Since our founding in 2018, Kawan Athletics has been growing from only two students to forty over students now.  We provide young athletes an opportunity to develop their running skills and life skills such as cooperation, empathy, self-control, leadership as well as to promote strong sportsmanship. We also provide training to master athletes (age 35 above) to pursuits their unfulfilled dreams or new running goals with us! 


Our club involved in diverse athletics competitions, from inter-district, state level competitions to national competitions. All training is led by certified coaches who are also certified first-aider. We cater runners from all abilities and offer a supportive and uplifting group environment for people who wish to achieve their fitness goals. We provide access to all levels of competitions in track and field events throughout the year. 

We specialize in coaching in the following events :

  • Basic running techniques

  • Sprint & Hurdles

  • Race-walking

  • Middle & Long Distance

  • Strength and Fitness

  • Kids' Athletics

  • Team-building

  • Athletics clinic

Kawan Athletics values teamwork and human connection by helping our members (Kawan) to build positive relationships with those around them. We aim to shape our Kawans' overall well-being and we all (including parents, for members under 18) have a role to play. We believe in the concept of "1 + 1 = 3" -  the ultimate strength of each member is the team itself. Together we can create more, together we can go further. 

We are more than just a running club, we are a family that runs hard and runs strong together to achieve our goals. To foster a greater teamwork, we also hold internal social events such as annual outing, training camp, picnic day & etc throughout the year and we are also looking forward to volunteering to a shelter in near future. 

Winning is never easy and winning isn't everything in running, but the process is. What matters the most is the process of your running journey - Have you learned something throughout this journey? Have you pushed yourself to be the best that you can? Did you enjoy your run? Have you become a better person? Everyone runs for a reason and goal, have you put in the effort that moved you closer to it? If the answer is yes, then you are already winning at life. 

To know more about athletics training, Please check our physical training plan.


22 June, 2022

Ryan Wong is our first athlete to represent Malaysia at the ASEAN University Games (AUG) which will be held in Thailand from 22nd July to 6th August.

The 19-year-old Sunway University student-athlete became the second fastest in men's 200m after winning the Gold with 22.07s at the Sukan IPT (Perlis Edition). Ryan will be competing 200m and 4x100m relay at the AUG. Congrats Ryan!